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The National Blindness Professional Certification Board (NBPCB) has established a Code of Conduct that outlines and details the ethical behaviors and decision making that is expected of all Structured Discovery Professionals who are certified by this board. When a SD Professional violates this code, the board has established a process for receiving grievances, investigating the veracity of those claims, and taking appropriate action when violations to this code are discovered. It is incumbent on all SD Professionals to abide by this code at all times—both inside and outside the workplace—in order to protect consumers, potential consumers, and the general public from misconduct by those individuals whom we certify.

Community-based rehabilitation facilities may also be certified as Structured Discovery Training Centers, which makes them eligible to conduct immersion, apprenticeship, and internship training. This designation also notifies all potential consumers and stakeholders that the training center operates under Structured Discovery Training (SDT), holds high ethical standards for its staff and volunteers, and represents the highest level of rehabilitation training available. Certified Structured Discovery Training Centers are also subject to this code of conduct and may be subject to suspension or revocation of certification.

The NBPCB also grants Certificates and/or Certifications which may not be based on Structured Discovery principles. While those certified in these knowledge-based, non-SD category are not held to the NBPCB Code of Conduct for Structured Discovery Professionals, they are expected to adhere to any and all codes of ethical behavior and decision making for their specific position or circumstance.

The NBPCB reserves the right to sanction or revoke the certification of any individual, center, or program it certifies for conduct it deems to be in violation to our Code of Conduct or to be detrimental to consumers, potential consumers, or the profession of working with the blind.

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NBPCB reserves the right to modify this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice.

Please note: All SD Professionals must read, agree to, and sign their name to indicate the commitment to abide by the NBPCB Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will disqualify SD certification from our organization.

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Grievance Process

Any person can check the current certification status of any of our certificants by clicking on the following link and filling out a search form by name or state.

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The NBPCB has established policies and procedures for handling complaints of violations to this code of conduct. Structured Discovery Professional Certificants and Certified Training Centers are required to cooperate with the procedures outlined within these Guidelines as part of the acceptance of NBPCB certification/recertification. Failure to cooperate may result in sanctions, up to and including, permanent revocation of certification. This cooperation includes maintaining current contact information on file with NBPCB.

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