National Blindness Professional Certification Board Orientation Center Evaluation Checklist For Immersion and Training

Revised 04/2011


Name of Orientation Center:             
Primary Contact:             
Evaluation Date:             

1. Administration Score=           
2. Instructional Staff Score=           
3. Student Body Score=           
4. Facilities Score=                       
5. Program Content Score=           
6. Consumer Focus Score=           
Total Score/Percentage=           


1. Administration  (Score:     /100%)
Director is a consumer-focused leader: 
Director understands/models nonvisual independence: 
Director actively works to move center towards nonvisual, structured discovery instruction.: 
Administrative/support staff understand/support student independence: 


2. Instructional Staff (Score:     /100%)
Qualifications of instructional staff that are consumer-focused. Factors include:  : 
Can model Nonvisual instruction: 
Demonstrate positive, empowering  attitudes about blindness: 
Are dedicated towards both skill and attitude

Orientation and Mobility/Cane Travel Instructors: 
Braille/Literacy Instructors: 
Activities of Daily Living/Home Ec. Instructors: 
Computers/Access Technology Instructors: 
Industrial Arts/Shop Instructors: 
Other Instructional areas/Instructors: 


3. Students (Score:     /100%)
Students are treated as adults by administration and staff: 
Students are using nonvisual skills/white cane: 
Students are functioning independently, as appropriate: 
All students  taking all classes in core curriculum: 
Student body is positive: 
Evidence that students are achieving independence: 


4. Facilities  (Score:     /100%)
Training center is clean and inviting: 
Training center is free of custodial barriers: 
Training center has access to integrated, public/commercial areas: 
Training center contains equipment, technology, and supplies that are in good repair: 
Center is residential/Non-Residential:  : 
Living space is designed to promote student independence: 
Living space is free from custodial barriers: 


5. Program Content  (Score:     /100%)
Average number of students in program: 
Staff/Student ratio:   staff/ students
Average number of instructional hours per week per student:  : 
Average number of weeks in program per student:  : 
Core content is based on Structured Discovery/Problem Solving: 
All classes part of required core curriculum: 
All students take all classes in core curriculum: 
Nonvisual training for all students: 
Canes used by all students throughout instructional activities: 
Sleep shades used by all students, as appropriate, throughout instruction: 
Proactive instruction designed to discuss attitudes/expectations of blindness: 
Activities designed to promote personal empowerment/confidence: 
Activities designed to integrate students into public life: 
Specific seminar/philosophy class: 


6. Consumer-Focus (Score:     /100%)
Program driven by philosophy that is endorsed by consumer organization, being consistent with the goals of the NBPCB: 
Staff and students have access to consumer organizations:  : 
Staff allowed/required to attend consumer meetings: 
Staff paid/supported to attend consumer conventions: 
Consumers have easy access to director: 
Consumers feel invited to visit the center: 


Approval:   Yes, No, provisional approval